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Playing a detective is not a big stretch for Cha Seung Won. He's a hot-tempered detective in the police comedy "You're Surrounded," which co-stars Lee Seung Gi. But playing a detective who dresses like a woman and wants to become a woman,Christian Louboutin Outlet, now that's a stretch.

Last year when the actor appeared on MBC's "Section TV Entertainment News,Christian Louboutin Sale," he talked about his role in the film "High Heels."

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"I am playing a police detective, who is a good fighter and wants to be a woman," he said.

And to prove his point, he showed up wearing a mini skirt, mascara and eyeliner. Cha Seung Won is not exactly known as a flower boy actor or even one that is vaguely androgynous,Billig Christian Louboutin, so his transformation might come as something of a surprise to the other characters in the film.

His character Ji Wook is a police detective known for his ability to solve violent crimes and collar criminals. He knows how to use his fists but he's not happy in his body. He likes to dress as a woman and he wishes he could become one. When he is involved in an accident, he has to decide if he wants to live the rest of his life as a lie. Or whether he should get an operation. Just when he decides to get the operation, a gang decides to enact their revenge on him.

"There are many different qualities within a person," said Cha Seung Won at a press conference for the film. "I don't really know for sure, but I believe that in every man and woman,Louboutin, there exist both masculine and feminine qualities. They just don't show them outwardly because of social norm or rules."

The actor said he would be satisfied with his acting in the film if he could convey the feminine qualities that he possesses,Billig Louboutin. "High Heels" will be his first major film role since he appeared in "71: Into The Fire" four years ago but then "You're Surrounded" was his first drama since "The Greatest Love" in 2011. Altogether the actor has appeared in more than 20 films and more than a half dozen dramas.

"High Heels" has been six years in the making and Jang Jin, the director, really wanted Cha Seung Won for the Ji Wook role. Jang Jin directed Cha Seung Won in "My Son" six years ago. Before that,Christian Louboutin, Jang Jin directed him in the 2005 film "The Big Scene."

"High Heels" has been described as a violent thriller but the director/writer is also known for his sense of humor. And despite the fact that it will involve a detective in high heels, there will be plenty of action scenes.

The film also stars Esom as Jang Mi, the mysterious woman who helps Ji Wook. Oh Jung Se plays Heo Gon and Park Sung Woong plays Prosecutor Hong.

Lotte Entertainment is producing the film. It will be released in June.
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