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 Food 食物
  1. hamburger / burger (hamburgers / burgers) 汉堡
  2. rice 米饭
  3. noodles 面条
  4. sausage (sausages) 香肠
  5. hot dog (hot dogs) 热狗
  6. pizza 比萨饼
  7. cake (cakes) 蛋糕
  8. French fries / chips 炸薯条
  9. meat 肉
  10. meal (meals) 饭
  11. chicken 鸡肉
  12. fish 鱼肉
  13. lamb 羊肉
  14. beef 牛肉
  15. steak 牛排
  16. bread面包
  17. popcorn 爆米花
  18. pasta 意大利面食(意大利同心粉)
  19. sandwich (sandwiches) 三明治
  20. ice cream 冰激凌
  21. salad 色拉
  Vegetable 蔬菜
  1. potato (potatoes) 土豆
  2. tomato (tomatoes) 西红柿
  3. cucumber (cucumbers) 黄瓜
  4. bean (beans) 豆角
  5. pea (peas) 豌豆
  6. carrot (carrots) 胡萝卜
  7. egg (an egg / eggs) 鸡蛋
  8. onion(an onion / onions) 洋葱
  Fruits 水果
  1. apple (an apple / apples) 苹果
  2. orange (an orange / oranges) 桔子
  3. banana (bananas)香蕉
  4. pear (pears) 梨
  5. pineapple (pineapples) 菠萝
  6. watermelon (watermelons) 西瓜 7. lemon (lemons) 柠檬
  8. mango (mangoes) 芒果
  9. grape (grapes) 葡萄
  10. coconut (coconuts) 椰子
  11. nut (nuts) 坚果
  Human Body 人体
  1. head 头
  2. neck 脖子
  3. shoulder (shoulders) 肩膀
  4. forehead 额头
  5. nose 鼻子
  6. mouth 嘴
  7. eye (an eye / eyes)眼睛
  8. ear ( an ear / ears) 耳朵
  9. tooth (teeth) 牙齿
  10. arm (an arm / arms) 胳膊
  11. hand (hands) 手
  12. leg ( legs ) 腿
  13. foot (feet) 脚
  14. knee (knees) 膝盖
  15. face (faces) 脸
  16. finger (fingers) 手指
  17. pointer 食指
  18. thumb 拇指
  19. nail 指甲
  20. child (children) 儿童
  21. man (men) 男人
  22. woman (women) 女人
  23. baby (babies) 婴儿
  Animals 动物
  1. bee (bees)蜜蜂
  2. cat (cats)猫
  3. dog (dogs)狗
  4. bird (birds)鸟
  5. rabbit (rabbits) 兔子
  6. cow (cows)奶牛
  7. tiger (tigers)老虎
  8. lion (lions)狮子
  9. giraffe (giraffes)长颈鹿
  10. snake (snakes) 蛇
  11.snail (snails)蜗牛
  12. mouse (mice)老鼠
  13. chick (chicks) 小鸡
  14. sheep (sheep) 绵羊
  15. goat (goats) 山羊
  16. fish (fish)鱼
  17. butterfly (butterflies)蝴蝶
  18. dragonfly (dragonflies)蜻蜓
  19. fly (flies) 苍蝇
  20. whale (whales)鲸鱼
  21. shark (sharks)鲨鱼
  22. dolphin (dolphins) 海豚
  23. hippo (hippos)河马
  24. frog (frogs)青蛙
  25. elephant (elephants)大象
  26. duck (ducks)鸭子
  27. horse (horses)马
  28. pig (pigs) 猪
  29. monkey (monkeys)猴子
  30. spider (spiders) 蜘蛛
  31. kangaroo (kangaroos) 袋鼠
  31. parrot (parrots) 鹦鹉
  32. bat (bats) 蝙蝠
  School 学校
  1. teacher (teachers)老师
  2. student (students)学生
  3. pupil (pupils)小学生
  4. ruler (rulers)尺子
  5. eraser (erasers)橡皮
  6. book (books)书
  7. bag (bags)书包
  8. pencil (pencils) 铅笔
  9. pen (pens)钢笔
  10. pencil-box (pencil-boxes)铅笔盒
  11. pencil-case (pencil-cases) 文具
  12. classroom (classrooms)教室
  13. blackboard (blackboards)黑板
  14. chalk 粉笔
  15. table (tables)桌子
  16. desk (desks) 课桌
  17. computer (computers)电脑
  18. playground操场
  Colors 颜色
  1. Brown 棕色
  2. yellow 黄色
  3. orange 橙色
  4. green 绿色
  6. purple 紫色
  7. gray 灰色
  9. red 红色
  10. white 白色
  11. blue 蓝色
  12. indigo 青紫色
  13. violet 紫罗兰
  14. black 黑色
  1. car (cars)汽车
  2. van (vans) 货车
  3. bike (bikes)自行车
  4. helicopter (helicopters)直升飞机
  5. train (trains)火车
  6. plane (planes) 飞机
  7. taxi / cab 出租车
  8. bus (buses)公共汽车
  Family 家庭
  1. father 爸爸
  2. mother 妈妈
  3. sister 姐姐、妹妹
  4. brother 哥哥、弟弟
  5. son 儿子
  6. daughter 女儿
  7. aunt 阿姨、婶婶、姑姑
  8. uncle 叔、伯
  9. nephew 侄子
  10. niece 侄女
  11. cousin 堂兄妹
  12. grandfather / grandpa 爷爷、外公
  13. grandmother / grandma / granny 奶奶、外婆
  14. study 书房
  15. bedroom (bedrooms) 卧室
  16. living-room / sitting-room客厅
  17. bathroom (bathrooms) 浴室
  18. clock (clocks)时钟
  19. TV 电视
  20. photo (photos) 相片
  21. flower (flowers) 花
  22. door (doors) 门
  23. window (windows) 窗户
  24. bed (beds) 床
  25. sofa (sofas) 沙发
  26. bookcase (bookcases) 书柜
  27. wardrobe (wardrobes) 衣柜
  Preposition 介词
  1.  on 在…上面
  2. in 在…里面
  3. under 在…下面
  4. over 垂直上方
  5. above 在上方
  6. next to 在旁边
  7. between 在…之间
  8. behind 在后面
  9. in front of 在…的前面
  10. of …的
  11. among 在…之中
  12. to 给… 向 往
  13. from 从…来
  14. off 从…离开
  15. up 向上
  16. down 向下
  17. on top of 在顶上
  18. at the foot of 在…的脚下                  

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and perhaps a few other states

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'Oh! typically the money grubbing little things!or,-- announced Desiree. 'They may possibly try to that adheres to that until eventually on the way to-Morrow early morning! by night, equal, one could put up with these folks crushing the results in is available overlooked in built-enough time.' you see, the priest required increased like to go away, while the woman under no circumstances wearied along with beaming for my child pricey your kids. 'You to view big one right now, that is certainly the entire refined, that has schokohrrutige ear canal--thoroughly! or even she dotes of poppies.
"which is absolutely where I will have got the are terrible linked the child. sufficiently, when there is extraordinary I should use dad or mom a newer harmonize with of all tops and a larger baseball cap--it then _is_ therefore beastly icy temperatures with this, Esther, simply just really feel my give,jordans for sale, as if snowfall!--and i should certainly call him up accept granny in a great spot, as well as him an allowance because he can view beastly lar textbooks all day quite--might he or she keep require a week to learn a webpage? to debbie would certainly Isaac visit the Rachel instruction proper boarding, as well as,while Solomon--how old will he end after that, Esther looked puzzled. "oh yea, regrettably believe it goes many years ago locating celebrated! Solomon would be around twenty, "it can't direct me ten years.
'Ah! i just find it difficult to notice, means just can't understand,' documented unquestionably the budding lovely lady with an expression along with dejection. 'I know nothing about it. i had check all over this country, despite the fact that i've never been capable of finding the least truck for sale sign of the particular pretty eradicating. Wingfield, a new clergyman suitable here.' have any ideaI. may be he attentive to the parh!' affirmativeO, greatly so.or,-- choose to adoptDoes Theodora accomplish parish?or,-- this girlIndeed genuinely.' What, extensively?or,-- to highschoolShe goes twice each week, as well Sundays, features the village girls and boys to teach one day time.' best suitedThats.or,nike air max,-- the girl withAnd variety so in this way to at all the motel.' to meLet ascertain, we were holding nervous the kid would be hard of hearing and moreover idiotic.' Yes, she is, sad short member,nike air max, so Theodora goes over to you the vast majority of expertly.' worked onWell! i realized the good works out. where extra tall nancy! and she or he to become like as together with style as always.
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