Orcas , Killer Whales - Choose the correct words

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Orcas, also as killer whales, have always held a certain fascination for John Clark. It all began when his parents told him stories about sea monsters. His desire to see Orcas when he learnt at school that they are, in , intelligent creatures.

John was able to his lifetime ambition when he visited Canada last year. going on a typical whale-watching boat trip, John decided to for the services of a guide to take him out on a kayak, a small canoe. "I must admit that I felt frightened at the prospect of of being in the middle of a pod of whales, protected only by something that me of a plastic bathtub, " said John.

They set off early, but in the first two hours saw only one dolphins, so the guide John to turn back. John wanted to on trying , however, because he was convinced their patience would be rewarded. Then, suddenly, as they were a small island, a pod of around fifteen Orcas emerged just a few metres away - a spectacle beyond John's wildest dreams. "Despite their huge size, I never once felt of them, " said John. " The moment was all too soon, but I'll never forget the . "