Argumentative Essay Topics



1 Shopping Mall or Sports Ground


You have heard that the local government is planning to build a new shopping mall with a large parking lot right next to your school, at the place where there is a large sports ground now. Your school has an English-language student magazine. You have decided to write for it an article with the heading “Shopping mall or sports ground?” in which you give your opinion about this plan.


In your article (about 200 words) consider the following:


• Which one is needed more?
• Benefits for the local people
• Drawbacks for the local people
• Effects on the environment




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2 Computers and the Internet


Our world would be unimaginable without computers and the internet. Write an essay (about 300 words )on the advantages of with computers and how the Internet has changed our way of living. Also refer to the negative effects that computers and the Internet have on our society. What are the problems that occur when going online ?




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3 New Media


“What sort of relationships are these? What does it mean to have hundreds of “friends” on Facebook? What kind of friends are they anyway?” (C. Thompson, journalist)

“Sometimes I think this stuff is just crazy, and everybody has got to get a life and stop gossiping.” (Andrea Ahan, 27)

“It’s just like living in a village again where everybody knows everybody.  … The current generation is never unconnected. They’re never losing touch with their friends.” (Z. Tufekzi, sociologist)


Do new media like the internet or mobile phones destroy social contact?
Or are tools like sms text messaging or Facebook (a social internet platform) changing the life of young people for the better?


Write an essay (350-400 words) on these questions and present your opinion on the following points:

  • effects on social behaviour
  • positive / negative changes
  • use the comments
  •  interesting title


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