(Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I improve my English?
Have a look at this page. All my ideas about how to improve your English are there.

Can I ask you a question about English grammar?
Yes! I'd love to hear from you, though I get a lot of emails so I don't always reply very quickly. But I do reply! You can email me at admin@zbEnglish.net

Do you give private lessons?
I'm very sorry, but I'm not giving private lessons at the moment. It's complicated because I have two young children. I might start again next year - I'll let you know!

Can you correct my writing?
I'm sorry, but no! Again, I don't have a lot of time, and correcting writing takes a LONG time! You can have your work corrected for free at www.italki.com or www.lang-8.com, or if you'd prefer to pay a professional you could try Stuart Mill English or www.proofreading.org.

I've found a mistake in your website.
Please email me! I'm delighted to hear about mistakes so I can correct them.

Why is the spelling of your name so strange?
It's Scottish Gaelic, not English!

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How to Use 'A' and 'The'