How to Use 'A' and 'The'

Using definite and indefinite articles
in English

This is a complicated topic, and one which is too long to explain easily on a website. However, it is very important to be able to use 'a' and 'the' correctly if you want to speak and write elegant English. So, I've written an ebook that explains it clearly.

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The ebook (it's a PDF) has:

How to Use 'A' and 'The'
  • 118 pages
  • 8 sections of explanations about 'a' and 'the'
  • 54 practice exercises in the text which include 996 questions and answers
  • 1 section of 10 review exercises which includes 200 questions and answers
  • 3 extra sections, which explain countable and uncountable nouns, 'some' and 'any', and the pronunciation of 'a' and 'the'
How to Use 'A' and 'The': Table of Contents
How to Use 'A' and 'The'
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The ebook costs £6.50 (British pounds). This is about 10 American dollars.

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(It costs £6.50, about 10 US dollars)

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